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About thousands of fake messages are transmitted over whatsapp every day. Even, fake messages has led to 19 deaths in India. Every 39th second, a hacking attack is made by hacker. Since 2013 there are 3,809,448 records stolen from breaches every day. More than 10k accounts are fake, hacked, misused over internet. And, the most common reason? Hackers? Yes, but not completely. We think, that people are not serious about this issue. They did not believe in this, until something happens to them. So, we decided to launch a project named CSCA to make people aware of this issue, which doesn't seem to be big but it is.


What is CSPA?

CSPA refers to Cyber Security Project atSofts. In this project, we have aimed to develop a website and application to trace the cyber security community and make it available for everyone.



CSPA is aimed to make the web better, not by providing hacking assistance but by letting people get more secured. It will consist series of services by atSofts and/or with collaboration with other. All the services will be made available on the website and atSofts' google play account. We will try to give you everything related to cybersecurity and make you get secured, not at a fee. CSPA will aim towards making Internet secure for everyone.


We've been working for it from 2 years and we know how it is important. We need your support to make it happen. Fill the form below to get yourself an CSPA account and to be stay updated towards updates.


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